Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Diesel Power Challenge (DPC in SLC)

And they're off!! With the beautiful snow capped Wasatch Mountains for a backdrop, the Diesel Power Challenge by Diesel Power Mag kicked off with the first of a 5-part test of Steel and Diesel. And various chemicals. The temps hit 80 on this beautiful sunny day and fun was had by all, just see for yourself...

you are supposed to tell me when you are up this way - I would LOVE to go see one of these things! Dang. Let me know next time, please! ;)
Man I was watching the 11.4 s 1/4 mile and then that's when it hit me to buy my dads 2001 f350, I would just like to know what's under that hood, I was gonna get the banks pack but what else?!
Man when I saw the 11.4 s 1/4 mile I fell in love with my dads f350 and I'm gonna buy it put some smoke stacks fender flares banks pack , but I would also would like to know what's under that hood (no engine swap though)
Sorry Mr. Cunningham, Richard was running a Cummins 5.9L under the hood those days with two massive inline turbos in the Mighty F350. Now he is running the Cummins 6.7L with a new induction system that we will reveal this coming Spring. As for the Ford engine...Banks will probably take care of you for now. Stay tuned...
Does he use propane ?

We never used any accelerants, including propane or nitrous, just extrude-hone injectors, bigger pump, and massive turbos. Always pure diesel. However, We wanted to use hydrogen but never got around to it. I think Richard liked the methane water setup as well, but we never used it.
You can email him at if you'd like some more advice on your specific rig.
Thanks a lot , your the best

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