Monday, February 25, 2008


Diesel World Crude Drags 2008

The Weather Threatened for the Crude Drags in Bakersfield at the Famoso Raceway...we faced cold, rain, and sleet on the way down, but it made for a scenic drive

1262hp when last dyno-ed on pure #2, the F350 is still a daily-driver. A 10gal competition gas tank though means lots of stops on the way. Unfortunatley, the F350 was not fully ready for competition and Maddog MotorSports and Diesel Performance ran the Dyno instead this time...

Heavy overnight rains kept the track from opening until lunch time but there was plenty to see in the parking lot beforehand...


Trucks of all Kinds and Sizes

Banks uncovered...what makes it go fast? I see two turbos, low weight, wiring, and a bunch of funky tanks and fluids...


Orange County Diesel makes a Big Appearance


Fans of all sizes

Big Fans sometimes come in little packages



Banks had a very fast, very loud crowd pleasure, turning in its trademark 8.40 1/4mile at about 167mph...

Also a very fast truck

Fast and Green


A Day at the Dyno

Always a crowd pleaser, dyno runs loud and black!


Fire in the Hole!

Checkin in at the dyno table...check out his kid's fire-breathing truck in the next pic

Yes, that is flammage exhausting out of the to enlarge:

Richard watches with the Black Widow Diesel crew

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