Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Proud to introduce our new Mobile Dyno...need a Dyno for an event near you? Watch this video of Richard at this June 10, 2006 Bowling Green Kentucky Dyno event. He, of course, took First Place: Dyno Video


A New Record! Again.

Colorado Event: 21-23 July, 2006

Richard and crew member Brenton drove out to Colorado to test out our new Dyno-Jet at the Truck Fest: sponsored by Rocky Mountain Cummins. The Dyno tried throwing a few glitches at its new owners but otherwise met the purposes of its design and fun was had.

Richard ran his own truck on the Dyno-Jet at the end of the event. Richard topped off the event by putting the MADDOG F350 on the block and turning in A NEW HIGH 1013 HP! Mr. Maddog got some extra juice out of his rig by using a tighter spooling turbo, helping ramp up boost sooner into the power band.

Unfortunately, the digital camera was left behind in our busy scheduling so when the 35mm shots are developed…mmmmm...don't hold your breath. But here is a link to another video: a 11.28 1/4mile victory in Baytown track, Houston TX at the DHRA Regional Finals: Maddog Race (video link from Diesel Innovations .com )

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Blown Away

Here is a link for a little BLAST from the Past! video: Blown Away

Watch Maddog's F350 totally smoke an Rx-7, even when it sneaks ahead on the start.

This run at the Midnight Mayhem event in November 2003 shows Richard doing a 11.42 1/4mile @ 118.11 mph. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


July 16, 2006

On this day I rode up with Richard to the Bully Dog's 2006 Dog Days of Summer Dyno Competition in Aberdeen, Idaho. 60 diesel trucks signed up to show their stuff. I’ll let the pictures below tell the story, but let’s just say it was lots of fun!

For another look at the event, check out this link at The Diesel for comments and a smokestack video, courtesy of member djwooten. (djwooten, I hope this is ok to link here). Listen to the audio and you’ll hear the Maddog Truck whine like a jet turbine. The sound when Richard was testing on the dyno was a world apart from the other trucks that ran.



Even before the event, the reputation of the mighty F350 Maddog mobile attracts a crowd. If I hear "Cheeeese! Look at the size of that turbo!" one more time...

On hand to take pictures was Trevor Reed there in the white shirt and camera, Feature Editor of DieselPower Media. He probably has some great pictures somewhere...



There it is, boys: One Cummins diesel, big fuel injectors, dual turbos, #2 diesel available at Quick Stop, and a good helping of Maddog Magic!


Breakin' Records

For the event at this location Maddog's 3-year old record was finally broken today, first by Damian Reese (01 Dodge w/nitrous), but topped by the Top Dog, Richard "Maddog" Madsen, with 945 horses on pure fuel.

The punch line? Pulling off the dyno, Richard smelled something funny--the parking brake had been left on the whole time! The poor brakes didn't stand a chance against nearly 1000 horses, but Bully Dog offered to let him make one more run. Declining, Richard felt confident, if a little sheepish, that he would still take the event. He did, of course.


Bully Dog meets Maddog

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