Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This Year Looks Good!

See Richard Go! Pic from
Big businesses seek out superstars in their field and pay big-time for their endorsements. The Michael Jordans and the Tiger Woods of the world make far more from their sponsors than from their salary and winnings on sheer excitement power!

In Richard’s case, sponsors help make his experimentation and showmanship even better. The result; Richard "Maddog" Madsen is one of the great stars of the Diesel Drag-Racing circuit and one of the most visible. Considered by some as a pioneer in the field, he has held several world-records from time to time and always has a way of drawing attention.

This year we have some great events lined up! If you are a fan, thank a sponsor: you have a great season of events to look forward to! (A preliminary Calendar will be posted soon) If you’re in business, you may want to request that we rush you a proposal booklet!

Whatever the case, I am proud to say that, in his own way, Richard has become a great little part of American history. And isn’t it nice when history is fun!?

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Back From Iraq and on the Attack

Something Like This...

I was having a lovely little time in Iraq when I heard Richard still had not raced the Lightning! So instead of riding shotgun, I came back to St. George and I am aiming it at him, figuratively speaking. Therefore, we will be racing it in February. Or Else!!!

Right now the Lightning is white, but will pretty much look like the photo above as far as style, when it is finished. Stay tuned for more updates...

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