Friday, November 10, 2006


You Tell Me

Dear Maddog Fans (of which I am one)

I sure have enjoyed tooling along with Richard, it has been a blast to see the Maddog his BAD self in action, from races to repairs to making of history! Seems like every month he was figuring out how to add another 60 or 100 HP to the machine, making it even more challenging to get the power to the pavement. Wish I could keep riding along as a part of the Maddog Race Team to see how it happens.

Unfortunatley, that did not pay the bills for me and I have gone Back to Iraq to help the Marines in Fallujah keep their vehicles running. I guess the best way to keep tabs on Richard, the might F350 and the soon to rise to fame Maddog Ford Lightning is to keep an eye on the diesel forum chatrooms and boards.

Take care and thanks for taggin' along...

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