Monday, February 25, 2008


Diesel World Crude Drags 2008

The Weather Threatened for the Crude Drags in Bakersfield at the Famoso Raceway...we faced cold, rain, and sleet on the way down, but it made for a scenic drive

1262hp when last dyno-ed on pure #2, the F350 is still a daily-driver. A 10gal competition gas tank though means lots of stops on the way. Unfortunatley, the F350 was not fully ready for competition and Maddog MotorSports and Diesel Performance ran the Dyno instead this time...

Heavy overnight rains kept the track from opening until lunch time but there was plenty to see in the parking lot beforehand...

Hi'ya, E! Looks like you are starting to post more and more on here - so guess that means I need to check it more! Um, question - was Lisa involved in some Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus pictures? Because, I saw the most beautiful pictures and I said, "THAT IS LISA BENSON!" She was breathtakingly beautiful and I swear it was her. Anyway .... if it wasn't. She has an unrelated twin!
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