Friday, November 10, 2006


You Tell Me

Dear Maddog Fans (of which I am one)

I sure have enjoyed tooling along with Richard, it has been a blast to see the Maddog his BAD self in action, from races to repairs to making of history! Seems like every month he was figuring out how to add another 60 or 100 HP to the machine, making it even more challenging to get the power to the pavement. Wish I could keep riding along as a part of the Maddog Race Team to see how it happens.

Unfortunatley, that did not pay the bills for me and I have gone Back to Iraq to help the Marines in Fallujah keep their vehicles running. I guess the best way to keep tabs on Richard, the might F350 and the soon to rise to fame Maddog Ford Lightning is to keep an eye on the diesel forum chatrooms and boards.

Take care and thanks for taggin' along...

Thanks so much for putting this page together about Richard. I agree with you, he is too much fun to watch.

Just wanted you to know how much I, and I'm sure others, appreciate this page, as well as appreciate what you are doing over in Iraq. I will keep you in my prayers until your safe return.

Shay in Colorado
Thank you kindly for your thoughts! If I had my pick, I would be working with Richard now! Best to you,

Howdy Ernest!
Just had a question for you but I dont know if you will be able to answer it. I have been driving a '01 2500 Cummins and had to sell it due to not having four wheel drive. I recently just purchased a '94 Ford F350 and am planning on spending a great deal of time doing a 12 valve engine swap. I dont know if you could put in contact with Richard or anything of that nature but I figured before I embarked on this journey I might as well ask the person who wrote the book on what I want to do. Thanks for making this blog it shows how much time and effort Richard has taken to put in this truck.

Chris Bock

You can find Richard at Maddog Motor Sports in St. George, UT. That is definitley the place to go for all things Diesel-Truck-Turbo. Happy racing!
Hey Ernest, you've got some great information here on Richard and his racing career! I've been pondering on a technical question about his rig, His turbo set up is the Aurora 5000 as his small turbo in the set and a turbo often refered to as "Turbo Auto Diesel B52" I'm unable to find any information on this particular turbo besides the fact that the turbo is nearly 100mm or more...
There is now a common rail cummins with a somewhat similar set up, well as similar as a common rail an be to a 12V. He has a aurora 5000 as his small and an "injection industries phat bastard" as his large turbo, should be capable of 1600hp but hes just putting down 1000hp, im sure fuel is an issue along with many other things on the common rail, he also lowered his compression to 13.5 where as richard raised his to 16.5, and i believe he is running less boost than richard on top of that.... but the thing that bothers me is this guy is hitting 1600* on his egt durring dyno runs, what egt numbers do richards truck reach durring his 1000+ hp runs?
I've been planning a massive twin turbo cummins build myself, and everything I do is overboard on the power but im really trying to limit myself to reliability with this one, probably be a good sled puller but not a race truck as im going to be picking up a f-650 and doing a 4wd conversion and making it a pickup.. they come stock with the cummins 5.9, not sure on which model, think it would be the 24v like 98 to 02 engine. its also got a medium duty allison auto trans
Not sure just how much you know about Richards set up but I guess I'll find out here soon.. I really want to reach 1000hp + but I don't want egt's over 1300* I get very scared for my engine, i was horrified when my last 24V cummins hit 1350* lol. Im sure some aftermarket internals would ease my mind though =)
keep up the cool site Ernest!!
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