Thursday, August 24, 2006


Off to the Races

Wild and Crazy things are going on here at Maddog Motor Sports! We are adding a bigger better location in St. George, but more on that later. Right now we are gearing up, as it were, for Weekend on the Edge in Salt Lake City, September 8 and 9. On that Friday we race.

Richard has finally taken steps to turn the Family F350 that has been astounding crowds and setting unprecedented records, when not picking up milk and groceries, and turning it into a more dedicated race vehicle. You will notice many external changes as Richard reduces weight and adds traction to a truck that already beats everyone off the line! Under the hood there will be many other less obvious but significant ways to increase horsepower and in the drivetrain to get the power to the ground!

So be sure to show up, or check here for exciting details afterwards! We should see some really exciting numbers and action...and pay attention soon for dates on the Maddog Ford Lightning debut!!! You are going to need a 9-second truck to hang wit-it~

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