Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A New Record! Again.

Colorado Event: 21-23 July, 2006

Richard and crew member Brenton drove out to Colorado to test out our new Dyno-Jet at the Truck Fest: sponsored by Rocky Mountain Cummins. The Dyno tried throwing a few glitches at its new owners but otherwise met the purposes of its design and fun was had.

Richard ran his own truck on the Dyno-Jet at the end of the event. Richard topped off the event by putting the MADDOG F350 on the block and turning in A NEW HIGH 1013 HP! Mr. Maddog got some extra juice out of his rig by using a tighter spooling turbo, helping ramp up boost sooner into the power band.

Unfortunately, the digital camera was left behind in our busy scheduling so when the 35mm shots are developed…mmmmm...don't hold your breath. But here is a link to another video: a 11.28 1/4mile victory in Baytown track, Houston TX at the DHRA Regional Finals: Maddog Race (video link from Diesel Innovations .com )

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