Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Are you ready for this? Say you wanted to get rid of turbo-lag on your diesel-powered truck. At the same time you'd get a colder, denser air-charge at lower boost pressures, reducing the unburned diesel going out the tail-pipe, and drastically reducing exhaust and engine-damaging underhood temperatures that cause pre-mature wear to many components? And how does getting an easy resulting total 900-1000HP in the process sound? Then you are thinking what Richard "Maddog" Madsen is.... IT WOULD BE GOOD.  We call it the Maddog Supercharger System :-)
Trading your turbo for a Maddog Modified Supercharger System means you can have FREE-FLOWING HEADERS on your diesel truck. Ditch the oil-cooler lines, wastegates, and compound set-up tubing. How cool is that? Really cool. Your diesel truck will sound and look like no other. And that is only part of the fun.

Stay TUNED for more details!

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